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The rail market is undergoing extensive changes and facing ever-growing restrictions. To meet this requirement, Arès Technologies has proven its ability to find new solutions, reducing vibrations and the effects of impacts, improving safety or quite simply ensuring compliance with pollution, fire and smoke standards.

As a specialist in the design of fixed and mobile rail integration units, Arès technologies can offer complete solutions for all types of configurations.

Embedded rack
Embedded rack

Arès Technologies can boast real expertise in designing rail integration units for fixed and mobile systems. The firm can provide A-to-Z solutions, which can be adapted to any configuration for embedded equipment.


On this basis, Arès Technologies can develop customized models of stainless steel mechanically welded cabinets.


Welders must hold the required qualifications in order to guarantee the conformity of its cabinets, 

They must also hold the level of CL certification applicable to rail vehicle components. 


Arès Technologies is also certified EN 15085-2.


Our methods office ensures that welds are compatible with mass production with no effect on quality. This team formally records the DMOS, which includes all of this information.

Portable panel
Portable panel

Arès Technologies can ensure your systems are mobile.


Our engineering team will consider impact and vibration requirements to optimize the operation of the information processing system.  This system is intended to guarantee that functionalities match the requirements of the end user.


We adapt the selection process for components and the associated type of treatment and paint depending on these limitations, to avoid any premature damage to your equipment.


We also manage the qualification of the welding procedure (QMOS). The welded structure will be subjected to specific tests 

(visual, dye penetrant, radiography-tractions-folding-texture-metallography, as applicable).

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