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Arès Technologies is the distributor of Intermas Elcom products in France.

InterBox Housing
InterBox Housing


The galvanized steel sheet housing InterBox is characterized by the following design features: 

  • Flexible design in all three axes to realize individual customer requirements. 
  • Easy assembly due to its simple setting. 
  • Multipurpose applications like: 

                     - 19“ unit 
                     - desktop enclosure 
                     - installation housing optionally for flange angle or DIN rail. 

  • EMC-compatible design realized by contact pins. 
  • Protection classes up to IP 40. 
  • Besides the standard varnish also individual color variations are available. 
  • Additional imprints according to customer requirements are available.



Galvanized sheet steel 



RAL 9006 - white aluminium or RAL 9005 - black 


Set Consists of

1 top-shell 

1 bottom-shell 4 countersunk screws 



The InterBox housing will be delivered fully assembled and painted.

InterShell Housing
InterShell Housing


The aluminium housing InterShell allows individual customer requirements in the context of Small Form Factors and has the following characteristics: 

  • Flexible design in all three axes. 
  • Quick and simple assembly due to its simple setting. 
  • Adapted for packing small electronic units like 

                     - euroboards in 100 x 160 (mm) 
                     - customer-specific requirements 
                     - mITX boards. 

  • Protection classes up to IP 40. 
  • EMC-compatible. 
  • A wide range of surfaces allows individual colour design. 
  • Additional imprints according to customers requirements are available. 
  • Expandable with adhesive mounting feet.






top-shell and bottom-shell RAL 9006 white aluminum front panel RAL 9005 – black


Set consists of 

1 top-shell 

1 bottom-shell 2 front panels 4 countersunk screw 



The InterShell housing will be delivered fully assembled and painted.

InterShell IP
InterShell IP

Fields of application 

Even if it is slightly humid the small casing series for euroboards and customer specific applications are the perfect solution for your electronics. The casing is not only suited as tabletop housing for measuring- and testing devices or as small casing for other applications, it is even a perfect solution for portable outdoor applications due its robustness and tightness properties. (up to IP..) By the use of conductive sealings an optimal EMC protection is achieved.



The small casing InterShell IP stands out due to its particular constructive features:

  • The notches outside on the profile can be used for threaded strips (pos. 1-4) or for fittings like clip-angle or stock mounting.
  • The notches internal in the profile (5x, pos. A-E) are used for threaded strips and additional for parts like card guides.
  • Alternative surface treatments, e.g. colorless passivation or varnishing of all visible surfaces are possible.
  • Front panel and rear panel are made of 3 mm metal sheed. On request, cut-outs for connectors as well as individual printing are possible.
  • Sidewall, front- and backpanel are made of bright sea water resistant aluminum. Surface Treatments are also possible.
  • Front and rear panel are each fitted with 4 countersunk screws.
  • A sealing (ø2mm) can be inserted between the profile and the plugged-in side panel to protect against extraneous particles and splashed water.
  • The use of high-quality silicone sealings provides an optimal protection against foreign particles and moisture.
  • Optionally, two conductive variants of sealings are available in order to obtain an optimal EMC-shielding. 

                     - Silicone filled with particles of nickel-plated graphite.
                     - Fluorosilicone filled with conductive particles of silver-plated aluminum.

  • A feet-kit are available as an option and can be ordered separately.



The housings are delivered unassembled as kits. They are packed - depending on quantity - either as kits or same parts packed together.

Upon request, the housings can also be delivered completely assembled and wired according to your requirements.

Subrack InterProtect®
Subrack InterProtect®


The special design features of the subrack InterProtect®: 

  • Upper and lower cover are made from a solid extruded aluminium profile. The surface is colourless passivated. 
  • The profiles are provided with 11 screwing points on each side in order to fix the side panels. 
  • The profiles are equipped with channels to insert mounting or threaded strips. These strips are designated to fix frontpane, rear wall, card guides and connec¬tors resp. backplanes. 
  • Connector and backplane sections can be realized with nominal depth of 160, 180, 220 und 240 mm.
  • Card guides with a nominal depth of 160 and 220 mm, optionally snap-in or screwable can be used. 
  • The side walls, front panel and rear wall are made of seawater resistant aluminium. They have a material thickness of 4 mm and are colourless passivated. 
  • Front panel and rear wall are each fixed on the 3U with 28 (42HP) resp. 52 (84HP) screws, on the 6U with 36 (42HP) resp. 60 (84HP) screws.
  • The use of high-quality sealing materials provides for an optimal protection against dirt, dust and the intrusion of water. 
  • By the use of conductive sealings an optimal shielding is achieved. 
  • The sealings are made of silicone resp. the conductible variant of silicone, filled with particles of nickel-plated graphite. 

Upon request it is also possible to use sealings made of fluorine silicone or of conductible particles of silver-plated aluminium.


Delivery form

Supplied as unassembled kits.These are either packed as a kit of parts for one unit or as individual components, whereby parts of similar type are packed together. 

On request, delivered as assembled and wired subrack according your requirements.

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